Sly casts Rousey in 'Expendables 3'

BY foxsports • July 23, 2013

Move over Gina Carano, there's a new femme fatale in Tinseltown: "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey. The UFC women's bantamweight champion and " The Ultimate Fighter" Season 18 coach will make her Hollywood splash next summer in "The Expendables 3".

And who better to make the announcement than blow-'em-up maestro and pretend boxer Sylvester Stallone? The 67-year-old Hollywood legend took to Twitter last week giving moviegoers and MMA fans their first hint.

In addition to Rousey and Ortiz, "The Expendables 3" cast will be fortified by fellow franchise newcomers Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes, Nicolas Cage and Milla Jovovich, set for an Aug. 15, 2014 release according to Deadline.

Of course, as reported earlier this year by Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer, Rousey was offered a starring role in another blockbuster Hollywood sequel, "Hunger Games 2", opposite Jennifer Lawrence.

UFC President Dana White offered his take on Rousey's "Hunger Games 2" opportunity during the Feb. 26 episode of "UFC Tonight":

"You know how I feel about the movie stuff. When Rampage did the movie, it was his dream to be a part of the A-Team. I don't want to take away any opportunities from Ronda, but at the same time, her window of opportunity as a professional athlete is really narrow. She could make a zillion movies when she retires. Where she's really going to get the money is here fighting. I don't care if she's the lead role in ‘The Hunger Games 2,' she would not make anywhere near — I mean, not even in the universe — to the money she makes fighting."

So, will Rousey prove successful at multi-tasking? Or will her silver screen debut suffer the same fate as Rampage Jackson's Mr. T impression? While you spend time pondering these difficult questions, we leave you with Ms. Gina Carano in "Haywire".


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