Oscar De La Hoya wants to promote Ronda Rousey as a boxer

November 2, 2015

Former six-class boxing champ Oscar De La Hoya is a fan of UFC bantamweight queen Ronda Rousey. The 1992 boxing Olympic gold medalist also, obviously, knows a thing or two about the sweet science.

In The Golden Boy's opinion, Rousey has what it takes to cut it in professional boxing, should she choose to.

"She's tough," he recently told Fight Hub TV. "She's really good -- speed, power, and instinct, which is very important. She dares to be great. That's the difference with a lot of fighters. She takes the risks, and that's what I love about her."

De La Hoya also loves that he can make a lot of money promoting her. De La Hoya's The Ring Magazine put Rousey on the cover last month, and the retired boxer has said that her presence has brought more attention to the historic magazine than it's ever before received.


Now, De La Hoya has it in his mind to get Rousey to try boxing. If she does, you'd better believe he wants to be her promoter.

"Absolutely," he continued.

"We've discussed it, and whenever she's ready to step into the ring as a boxer, then obviously Golden Boy Promotions will be right there with her."

De La Hoya has taken in The Rowdy One's training sessions before and sounded confident that she could do some damage in a fisticuffs contest.

"I know she can fight standing up. I've seen her," he explained. "I see those instincts that she has. It's just a matter of having that first fight and proving it. That's all."

Rousey's coach Edmond Tarverdyan has insisted that she's already capable of competing with world champion boxers. That remains to be seen, of course.

However, we do know what Rousey can do in MMA, especially on the mat, specifically with her arm bars. Watch UFC Tonight's Kenny Florian break down her signature move, in an episode of MMA Bread n Butter, below.

Time will also tell whether Rousey will look to use her grappling advantage against former boxing world champion Holly Holm, in the main event of UFC 193 on Nov. 14, or whether she'll decide to test the stand-up striking waters.