Max Holloway sends a message to Dana White after third-round TKO against Jose Aldo

BY Damon Martin • June 4, 2017

Max Holloway has never been the kind of fighter to complain about the matchups he's received in the UFC much less the paychecks he's received over the years.

Following an incredible 11-fight win streak capped off with a stunning third-round TKO win against Jose Aldo on Saturday night in Brazil, Holloway is finally ready to make a few demands.

According to the new undisputed featherweight champion, he met with UFC president Dana White ahead of this fight where he was given some advice about making a bigger payday while competing inside the Octagon.

Now following this win against Aldo, Holloway is ready to make sure White lives up to his part of the bargain and he plans on meeting with the UFC boss in the near future to discuss it.

"Dana White told me, we had a meeting before [the fight] and he said this is big game hunting. The bigger the game you bring in to the table, the bigger paychecks you get," Holloway explained. "I think Aldo, he's a silver-backed gorilla.

"Now I want my paycheck."

Holloway made it clear he's not going to suddenly abandon his title in favor of pursuing bigger named fights, but instead he just wants to be paid like the fighter who knocked off the longest reigning featherweight champion in history while in the midst of a win streak that stretches back more than three years.

And maybe more than anything else, Holloway would also like the chance to fight close to home after asking the UFC for years to bring an event to his native state of Hawaii.

"I don't want money fights. I want to get paid," Holloway stated. "Like I said, I want to defend my title. I'm going to be here for a long time and why not do it in Hawaii?"

The UFC has never held an event in Hawaii but with Holloway now standing on top of the featherweight division it's going to be awfully hard to deny him the chance to headline an event in the Aloha state.

Between that and his pay, Holloway has a lot to discuss with UFC management next time they sit down to talk.

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