Krzystztof Jotko stops Tamdan McCrory inside one at UFC Fight Night

Published Jun. 18, 2016 9:24 p.m. EDT

Krzystztof Jotko snapped Tamdan McCrory's three-fight win streak and extended his own to four with a first-round KO during the FS2 UFC Fight Night prelims, Saturday. The two middleweights locked up in Ottawa with a lot on the line and it didn't take long for Jotko to capitalize.

He connected with a left hook on the head of McCrory that was more pinpoint and well-timed than it was thudding. Accuracy and timing go a long way in fighting, though, and this time it paid-off in the form of a nasty KO for Jotko.

McCrory was immediately knocked-out, cold, and fell to the ground. Still, referee Yves Lavigne could not get in between the two men in time enough to prevent Jotko from connecting with another shot -- a hammerfist strike to the face -- on the prone McCrory.

The official end came at 59 seconds of the first round. Jotko has now turned his quiet but steady rise through the 185-class ranks into a thunderous one.


His previous three wins all came by way of decision. Saturday's knockout put the middleweight division on notice that he has the pop to take out even the most durable of opponents.

With the win, Jotko improves his mark to 18-1. McCrory's record now slips to 14-4 with his loss.