Is CM Punk rated an 85 overall in the new EA UFC game?

BY Jonathan Bradley • January 12, 2016

Former professional wrestler CM Punk has yet to make his long-awaited debut in the UFC Octagon, despite preparing for over a year with the team over at RoufuSport in Milwaukee.

But that didn't stop EA Sports from not only including Punk in the upcoming edition of EA UFC, but also rating him at a high 85 overall, according to MMA Junkie reporter Mike Bohn.

That's an interesting rating for someone who hasn't had one professional MMA fight. By comparison, here are some of the fighters rated in the same 85 range, based off stand-up, ground and submission ratings:

Conor McGregor --€“ 89

Royce Gracie -- 88

Nate Diaz (170) -- 88

Ryan Bader -- 87

Demian Maia --€“ 87

Clay Guida -- 87

Ross Pearson --€“ 86

Erik Perez -- 85

Granted, these are 2014's ratings, but if buying Madden every year since 1996 has taught me anything, it's that EA's rating systems don't change much year after year.

An EA rep told the gaming experts over at Kotaku that Punk's stats aren't yet finalized and we could see some changes when the game officially releases in March.

Not that Punk cares about your complaints either way. 

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