HIGHLIGHTS: The UFC's biggest stars showcase 2015

BY foxsports • November 17, 2014

The time is now for the UFC to announce a huge slate of upcoming plans for 2015 as well as welcoming the largest group of main event fighters to one place in the history of the promotion.

Kicking off at 5p ET on Monday, the UFC will live stream the press conference where UFC president Dana White is expected to make several announcements about the upcoming 2015 schedule.

For the first time ever, the entire 2015 schedule will be released in one press conference.

The fighters in attendance for the press conference include UFC champions Jon Jones, Chris Weidman and Ronda Rousey as well as Daniel Cormier, Conor McGregor, Dennis Siver, Lyoto Machida, C.B. Dollaway, Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz, Vitor Belfort, and Cat Zingano.

Make sure to follow along with our special live blog that will cover all of the information from the press conference as well as any other news, notes, quotes and special announcements that will be forthcoming today.

The action kicks off at 5p ET so make sure to tune in and refresh often for the latest news! 

The presser is officially underway

-  The UFC has officially released the schedule for 2015, which you can see HERE

- The fighters have taken the stage in Las Vegas. 

- The main event for UFC Fight Night in Broomfield, Colorado will be Matt Brown vs. Tarec Saffiedine

- Unfortunately the big announcement set for today didn't get done in time so that will have to wait for another time 

- Dana White confirms the UFC will be back to Mexico and Mexico City 

- Cat Zingano explains she had a stinger in her neck that caused the delay in her fight with Ronda Rousey pushing the fight back from January 3 to February 28

- Conor McGregor on his fight with Dennis Siver - "It is a mismatch. I'm going to whoop his ass, I'm going to collect the checks and then I'm gone" 

- Dana White says the plan is to headline the next UFC card in Mexico with Cain Velasquez.  Every indicator is he'll be back

- Anderson Silva addressing his back injury: Says he was training too much but "I'm good now, my legs good, my back's good.  I'm very excited to be sitting here today"

- Jon Jones knows people are still interested in his fight with Daniel Cormier.  Cormier says the fight sells itself.

- Both fighters were motivated after the brawl at the MGM Grand.  Jon Jones ends by saying "and still..." and Cormier finishes by saying "and the new...." 

- Daniel Cormier says "January 3" and Jones responds by saying "or we can do it today".  These guys are fired up.  Thankfully, Dana White is in between them today.

- Ronda Rousey says "I don't get ready, I stay ready.  I mourn when there's no fights".  She's aching to get back in the Octagon.  If it wasn't for movies she'd be fighting way too often.

- Seven events coming to Brazil in 2015 with one pay-per-view 

- Vitor Belfort says "arrogance needs advertising, confidence speaks for itself". He's not going to comment on Chris Weidman's comments towards him on Twitter. Vitor is honored to still be here after starting all the way back at UFC 12. 

- Conor McGregor "I am highly confident I will shut Jose Aldo.  The king speaks however he wants!".  Conor definitely getting some of the loudest reactions for all the fighters on the stage right now. 

- The UFC will be doing 3 to 5 events in Canada - Toronto, Montreal and Calgary are the main landing spots. 

- Dana White says Georges St-Pierre is back in training and Dana is "very confident he's coming back".  

- Jon Jones says he's at about 95-percent right now with his knee but recovery is going well and he'll be ready for January 3

- Nick Diaz has been asking for the best fight possible for his career and believes it will be a good fight for the fans.  Anderson Silva says his kids asked him not to come back but he says "fighting is part of my life" and they told him if fighting makes him happy then they are okay with him coming back. 

- Ronda Rousey says she will beat Cat Zingano on February 28 and then there's a lot of options for her in 2015.  She reiterates the only thing on her mind in 2015 is the title and being UFC champion 

- Chris Weidman still waiting for MRI results to allow him to go back to training full speed. He's on track to heal in perfect time 

- Anderson Silva is excited to coach TUF.  This will add onto his legacy.  Gives him a chance to pass along his experience to the next generation of champions

- Dana White says Anderson Silva and Mauricio "Shogun" Rua will fight at the end of the season, but not against each other. 

- Anthony Johnson is excited to move forward and all of his attention and focus is now on Alexander Gustafsson. 

- Nick Diaz says Georges St-Pierre had a chance to fight Anderson Silva and he never took it and now he's talking trash.  Diaz doesn't mind going up to 185 and he likes to be the guy that could possibly do 3 weight divisions. 

- Ronda Rousey says she's trying more to impress her mother than impressing the fans. Whether it's a long fight or a short one, "I'm still winning".  Ronda is fired up today. 

- Dana White says the UFC will be returning to Australia at least one or two times in 2015.

- Conor McGregor "Let's see by the end of 2015 who has the highest pay-per-view, the highest gates, etc" Says the featherweights can hate on him all they want but by the end of the year "they will be forced to accept it."

- Anderson Silva confirms his new contract "Yeah, I have more fights". He did sign a new 15-fight deal. 

- Jon Jones is happy to see Alexander Gustafsson vs. Anthony Johnson.  "This is a phenomenal matchup and I honestly don't know who's going to win"

- Nick Diaz asked about Conor McGregor's fighting style "I like it". Conor asked about Diaz "I like it, too"

- Nick Diaz on Anderson Silva - "I took the fight. Georges didn't".  He's really hammering home the point on Georges St-Pierre not taking the fight with Anderson Silva.

- Conor McGregor says he will use his movement to freeze Dennis Siver and then he will take his head off.  After that he plans on making Jose Aldo fly to Ireland, economy, and then hand over his belt at an 80,000 seat soccer stadium. 

- Ronda Rousey says the three girls who stood out from TUF this season were Rose Namajunas, Joanne Calderwood and Carla Esparza.  Her favorite is "Thug" Rose Namajunas. 

- Ronda Rousey says Cat Zingano is the toughest challenge to date "She's the one chick I haven't beat yet. You better bring it girl"

- Conor McGregor says the only person who can give him problems is the guy in the mirror.  "I don't feel the guy to give me problems exists".  Conor definitely the rock star of the presser today. 

- Conor McGregor says people are even talking about Nik Lentz since he came to the division. "Who gives a s--t about Nik Lentz?".  His influence has raised the profile of the entire division.

- Dana White says the UFC will be going to Scotland sooner rather than later

- Conor McGregor says Frankie Edgar fights with his heart, but he's on the downside of his career. Cub is aging, he looks 95 years old.  Conor has nothing against Frankie, but he wants Cub to win becuase he seems to think he's getting the next title shot.  Conor will prove him wrong when he beats Dennis Siver, gets the next title shot and then smacks Cub in the face with a freshly baked pie.  He seriously said that.

- Dana White says Brock Lesnar is under contract to the WWE, but he has expressed interest in returning to fighting

- Nick Diaz asked for the fight with Johny Hendricks but "closed mouths don't get fed".  He's looking forward to the Hendricks/Lawler 2 fight. 

- Jon Jones says he doesn't care who wins between Gustafsson and Anthony Johnson.  He'll fight either of them, doesn't care

And that's a wrap at the press conference. Thanks for tuning in everybody and following along!