'Cowboy' Cerrone offers to teach Sage Northcutt how to live

BY Damon Martin • February 2, 2016

Sage Northcutt is taking a lot of flak for his performance this past weekend against Bryan Barberena at FOX UFC Fight Night in New Jersey, but it looks like he has a fan in former title contender Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone.

Following the loss on Saturday, Cerrone took to Twitter to show his support for the 19-year-old prodigy, who went 2-0 in the UFC before losing his third fight this past weekend.

Cerrone didn't hold back while blasting the critics who were out for blood after Northcutt lost the fight in his third trip to the Octagon in less than four months.

Northcutt responded in kind -- even calling him “Mr. Cerrone” -- and thanked him for the kind words and the support.

The next message from Cerrone was the best, however, as he then offered to bring Northcutt out to his gym in New Mexico and not only teach him out how to fight, but he would teach the 19-year-old how to live.

Cerrone certainly leads a wilder life than most, so he would probably teach Northcutt more than a few things about fighting and living.

The prospect of that becoming a reality show is a million-dollar idea.

Unfortunately for Cerrone, it looks like Northcutt plans to forgo his offer and instead move to Montreal full time to begin training with the Tri-Star gym under the tutelage of head coach Firas Zahabi before making his return to the UFC later this year.