Cop to Jon Jones: 'You're getting a huge break' after excessive speeding

BY foxsports • February 19, 2016

It turns out former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was speeding on his way to practice when he got stopped in Albuquerque recently where he was flagged for driving without a license, registration or proof of insurance.

Audio of the police stop was captured and released to TMZ on Friday after Jones was given a traffic ticket back in January for the infraction.

According to the police officer heard on the tape, Jones was going 75 miles-per-hour in a 35-mph zone when he was stopped before admitting that he didn't have any identification on him while driving a car in his fiancee's name.

"I'm headed to Jackson's MMA," Jones can be heard saying on the tape.

The officer admonished Jones for not carrying his license with him as well as no proof of insurance or registration.

"Going 75 is pretty much reckless driving, dude," the police officer said to Jones. "So you're getting a huge break. You just need to get a license to drive if you're going to drive, all right? Just drive normal.

"Yeah, you've got a cool car but there's no need to go drive crazy and kill somebody or kill yourself. It ain't worth it, dude."

Jones was very polite with the officer at all times during the traffic stop before he was cited for the previously listed infractions.

Jones avoided any trouble with his current status on probation after pleading guilty to hit and run charges from an accident he caused in April 2015.

The District Attorney's office declined to seek any kind of probation violation from the speeding incident although Jones will have to serve three additional days of community service for not reporting the ticket to his probation officer.

Jones downplayed the incident as nothing more than a routine traffic ticket and while the speeding might have been excessive it doesn't appear he'll face anything more than a fine for the stop.  

Jones will head back to traffic court in March, which is ahead of his next scheduled fight against Daniel Cormier at UFC 197 on April 23 in Las Vegas.