Conor McGregor receives hero's welcome at Ireland homecoming

September 8, 2015

To prepare for UFC 189 in July, Conor McGregor relocated to Las Vegas along with his entire team to prepare in the hot desert air versus the colder, wetter climate back at home in Ireland.

The move also helped McGregor's body acclimate to the time difference as he built a full training camp close to where he was fighting.

When UFC 189 was over, McGregor stayed in Las Vegas to coach the newest season of "The Ultimate Fighter", which kept him there for another seven weeks.

Finally, after his appearance at the UFC "Go Big" press conference, McGregor returned home to Ireland for the first time since capturing the interim featherweight title in July.

McGregor received a hero's welcome at home as soon as he got off the plane as friends, family and supporters poured into the Dublin airport as he returned to Ireland for a little time off before getting back into camp for his next fight at UFC 194.

As much as McGregor appreciates the support from the Irish fans, he's mostly looking forward to some much-needed time with his family before he tackles Aldo in December.

"I cannot wait to go home and touch that home soil and feel that fresh air. I miss my hometown. I'm going home to see my family, my friends. Take this gold belt, take this hard work home show them what I have earned -- that I've been away and I've been working," McGregor said at the press conference last Friday.

"Parades and all, it's amazing and all that, but I just want to go home and see my family. I've been on the road more than anybody has up here and I've worked my ass off for the right to go home. I cannot wait."

Regardless of jet lag after a long flight, which he caught directly after the UFC press conference ended, McGregor still stuck around to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans who were waiting for his arrival.

McGregor's trip back to Ireland isn't all personal, however, because according to his management team, the UFC interim featherweight champion will begin is training camp at home before likely traveling back to the United States to finish up his preparation for the showdown with Aldo on Dec. 12.