Bo Jackson says he has no clue who Brock Lesnar is

BY foxsports • June 14, 2016

Shortly after the announcement that Brock Lesnar was jumping back into the Octagon after his second stint in the WWE, the former UFC champion couldn't help but compare himself to the greatest two-sport athlete of all time.

"I'm a crossover athlete," Lesnar told ESPN. "I'm the modern-day Bo Jackson, people. I'm excited about it. I'm enthusiastic."

Unfortunately, the man he thought so highly of to compare himself to, has never even heard of Brock Lesnar.

"I don't know even know who Brock Lesnar is, man." Jackson told TMZ.

When informed of Lesnar's credentials, the former Raiders great responded, flatly, "I don't watch that. If I didn't make money in it, I don't know nothing about it."

Lesnar was right ... kind of. He is a crossover athlete, having found success in collegiate wrestling, mixed martial arts and professional wrestling, and he even earned a tryout with Minnesota Vikings back in the day.

But he's no Bo.

Jackson reached the pinnacle of two of America's biggest sports, football and baseball, on multiple levels. He's was an NFL pro bowler and MLB all-star, and won the Heisman trophy as a running back for the Auburn Tigers. He also took home a state championship in high school in the decathlon.

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