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World Cup NOW: New Zealand called offside on potential game-tying goal
FIFA Women's World Cup

World Cup NOW: New Zealand called offside on potential game-tying goal

Updated Jul. 25, 2023 6:09 a.m. ET

The Philippines made history Monday night with an incredible 1-0 upset win over co-host New Zealand in the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup.

Sarina Bolden scored the only goal of the game, which came on a beautiful header, giving her country its first-ever World Cup goal and victory.

However, in the 69th minute, New Zealand appeared to tie things up as Jacqui Hand scored on a header from a perfect cross from Hannah Wilkinson. The celebration was on as the co-hosts appeared to tie the game, but instead, Hand’s strike was ruled out because of an offside call.


The broadcast showed just how close the offside call was, as it was a matter of millimeters.

The "World Cup NOW" crew — Jimmy Conrad, Leslie Osborne, Kate Gill and Karina LeBlanc— discussed the call in detail and shared their thoughts on whether it was the correct one.

'World Cup Now' reacts to the controversial VAR call on New Zealand

The "World Cup Now" crew spoke about the controversial VAR call on what would have been New Zealand's game-tying goal.

Conrad: "As excited as I am that the Philippines won, I’m still a little bitter this was called. I know it's all computer graphics, and the millimeter is here, but without VAR, I don’t think this was called. ... I don’t want to get hot here because I’m excited for the Philippines."

Gill: "It’s millimeters that turns it around. I know we’ve got the technology now, and we need to use it because it gives us an honest account of exactly what's going on, but if you see that in real time, you’re not calling that offside. That looks like a complete play to go on and finish that. New Zealand would be so disappointed. And then, there was also a bit of a delayed call with it as well, and just taking the time to adjust to see what the call was. It’s a tough one."

LeBlanc: "The momentum shifted after that because you go on this high and everybody is celebrating, and then all of a sudden you feel like you lost it. I think this is where the mental performance comes in. This is where you’re preparing for a World Cup. You hope in that moment that all of those moments of studying with your mind coach and doing all of those things kick in, so you can just bounce back and pretend it didn’t happen. …  I think it did shift it for them … It was an emotional roller-coaster. But as players, this is what you prepare for and these are the moments that you’ve got to be able to figure it out.

Osborne: "What I’m most curious about is how New Zealand responds after this. We have seen them experience the highest of highs, and they overperformed. And then we saw an underwhelming, typical New Zealand performance. They couldn’t figure it out, they lacked urgency, it was too late. How are they going to show up in that third game? That’s how you're really gonna find out what this team is made of."


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