World Cup Day 2: Patriotic Duty - Make Your Kid Play Soccer

June 16, 2018

Former World Cup and current Major League Soccer star Bastian Schweinsteiger says Germany's willingness to overhaul its development program nearly 20 years ago helped his country win the 2014 World Cup and reclaim its place as a soccer superpower.

In an interview from Russia, "PodcastOne Sports Now" co-host Jim Litke tries to convince the Chicago Fire midfielder to let his young son grow up in the States and play for U.S. national team someday.

Co-host Tim Dahlberg tracks Tiger Woods on the other side of the Atlantic, then asks Associated Press golf writer Doug Ferguson the pressing question at the U.S. Open: What's up with Tiger?

Also on the show: AP's Chris Lehourites joins Litke for a recap/preview of World Cup action and soccer writer Rob Harris explains why tiny Iceland is a fan favorite. On the menu: Who's got time to eat?

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