Woman dies after Champions League stampede on June 3

BY AP • June 16, 2017

ROME (AP) The city of Turin has declared a day of mourning following the death of one of the 1,500 people injured during a stampede of fans watching the Champions League final in a city square.

The proclamation was made Friday after Erika Pioletti died of her injuries.

City officials have launched a commission of inquiry to determine what caused the stampede on June 3 in the Piazza San Carlo, where thousands of people had gathered to watch Juventus play Real Madrid on a giant TV.

Fans reported hearing a loud noise that made them rush from the center of the square, trampling others and knocking down barriers. Pioletti is the only person to have died, though officials said 1,500 people suffered injuries, many of them minor and due to broken glass.

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