Whelan expresses owner fears

BY foxsports • November 13, 2011

The multi-millionaire has invested more than £100million into his hometown club. The former Blackburn defender is concerned that foreign owners don't understand the English game and tradition. His former side are owned by Indian chicken firm Venky's and he is worried about their future. Whelan told the Sunday Mirror: "They don't understand football. I just hope they understand the Blackburn Rovers history. "At Manchester City, it may be good for the fans, but how long will it last? Will someone spit their dummy out. It's bound to happen sooner or later." As for the future of Wigan, Whelan is sure his team will survive. He added: "It's a miracle we're still up here. We've the lowest income of any Premier League club, but we'll break even this year. Whatever league we are in, we will survive. "Determination and the will to succeed is the key. I've converted my cash injection into shares. It takes it off the balance sheet and there's no responsibility of Wigan to pay it back. "I'm not actively pursuing an exit strategy. I'm still fit and well but I am getting on. Maybe my grandson will take it over. "He's mad keen on Wigan."

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