Wenger: Gunners exits unlikely

Published Jan. 14, 2011 11:30 a.m. ET

Arsene Wenger insists there is little chance of Arsenal letting anyone leave in the current transfer window.

Arsenal take on West Ham on Saturday, just three days after losing the first leg of their Carling Cup semi-final to Ipswich.

Asked about the possibility of any players leaving this month, Wenger told Arsenal TV Online: "No, not at the moment."

On the subject of Aaron Ramsey going out on loan, he added: "At the moment no because we have so many games in front of us that we want everybody to be here and available."

Arsenal head to Upton Park with the hosts bottom of the Premier League and their boss Avram Grant under pressure.

Wenger, though, feels the game will be a far from simple one.

"Now between team number 12 and the bottom of the league is two or three points, that's one game," he said. "You cannot draw any conclusion of weakness down to the position only in the league because nobody is really bad enough to be away.


"It's a very compact field and that makes the league very interesting and very exiting and makes every game very, very competitive.

"We will go there to focus and to play well and I'm confident we will play well."

It would hardly come as a surprise if Grant lost his job given how many teams have dispensed with their managers so far this term, and Wenger believes it is a trend which will not bring rewards.

"It is a bit of a new landscape of the Premier League and I don't agree with it," he added.

"But it looks like the future of the Premier League will be maybe less stable for the managers than it was, which certainly will be corrected again. It's a bit cyclical and then people realise that doesn't work then it will change again."

Wenger is also considering holding a meeting with his players to discuss the pitfalls of Twitter.

Liverpool forward Ryan Babel has admitted a charge of improper conduct in relation to him posting remarks about, and a picture of, referee Howard Webb on the social networking site.

Wenger is not in favour of banning his players from using Twitter, but wants them to be wary about what they say.

"It is a new way of expressing your views," Wenger told Arsenal.com. "It can be used by the players in a positive way but, in this special case (with Babel), it was in a negative way.

"Personally I'm against banning the players from expressing their views in general. But it has to be in the interests of the club and not detrimental.

"Of course it can be very useful to a club as well so we are thinking about [sitting down with the players] and seeing how it can be used in the best way.

"I don't like to go against progress because usually it's a lost battle but maybe we have to sit together and see how we can use this in the best possible way.

"The key is to think before you tweet. It's not just about talking to friends. In the online world you potentially speak to more than the traditional media world."