Wayne Rooney already working toward becoming a coach after he retires

BY Ryan Rosenblatt • January 24, 2017

Wayne Rooney has said that he'd like to coach after he retires, but now we know just how serious he is about it. He's already working on his coaching badges.

"I've publicly said before I'd like to go into management," Rooney said at a Football Press Association dinner. "Obviously I'd have to complete my badges, which I'm doing at the minute.

"I feel it'd be a shame to have the knowledge I feel I have about football and walk away from it once I've finished playing."

Rooney is already 31 years old and his form has fallen off in recent years. He's not a regular starter for Manchester United and there is no telling how much longer he wants to play on. If the Red Devils decide to cut him loose, will he go to another English club? Will he go to China or MLS? Rooney has been coy about his post-Manchester United playing future so there is no telling what he might do, but that time is coming up soon.

We do know that whenever he hangs up his boots for good, he won't be leaving the sport. He wants to coach and if he doesn't leave Man United, he could transition straight to it like Ryan Giggs did, going to the Red Devils staff. Starting as a youth coach, like Steven Gerrard at Liverpool, is possible. He could head to the lower leagues. Most every manager he has played for has heaped praise upon him so it won't be hard finding a manager to give him a job. It's just a matter of when he does it and where he does it. But whenever and wherever, Rooney will be ready. He's already preparing for it and knocking out those coaching badges.

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