Watch this popped-up volley free kick — it's brilliant and cheeky

BY Caitlin Murray • January 22, 2017

Things have been pretty tough for Nottingham Forest lately. Their manager, Philippe Montanier, was sacked last week with the club close to relegation and fans turned out Saturday to protest the club’s ownership.

But, with a brazen and special free kick later in the day, Ben Osborn managed to make everything feel a bit better for a while. Stepping up to the spot in the 67th minute vs. Bristol City, Osborn created some game-winning magic:

Simply audacious. Who lines up for a free kick in a nearly must-win scenario and thinks, “Let me pop the ball off my foot into the air and try to smash a volley?” The set piece seems planned, with the teammate tapping the ball back so Osborn can pop it up — but even if they practiced it, it’s still pretty darn crazy.

That sensational goal was the game-winner in a 1-0 win over Bristol City, and for a Nottingham Forest club close to the relegation zone out of the Championship, a major boost.

Take a bow, Ben Osborn. You helped Forest bag three points and put a smile on just about everyone’s faces with that sensational strike.


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