Watch an upset Cristiano Ronaldo lose his cool and angrily throw the ball at opponent

BY Caitlin Murray • January 15, 2017

Real Madrid's league match against Sevilla on Sunday was a tense affair. It was the third time the two sides had met in the past two weeks and the match was pretty even all throughout.

Everyone was trying to get an edge and throw the other team off their rhythm, and Sevilla winger Vitolo certainly got under Cristiano Ronaldo's skin a bit. The Real Madrid star was getting ready to step up to take a penalty kick when Vitolo lingered, kicking up the grass on the spot.

That's when Ronaldo lost his cool and threw the ball at him.

It wasn't the most violent throw ever, but Vitolo did his best to sell his reaction to it. Ronaldo is lucky to have not gotten punished by the referee since players have earned cards for far less. To be fair, though, what Vitolo was doing was rather unsporting behavior, and it was a bit silly to think kicking up the grass would cause Ronaldo to miss.

In the end, Ronaldo took care of business and scored from the spot, putting Real Madrid up 1-0. With the goal, Sevilla became the team that Ronaldo has scored the most goals against at 23. But alas, it wasn't enough as Real Madrid suffered a shock 2-1 loss to end their unbeaten streak one game after setting a new record.


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