Twitter tension for Rooney

Published May. 18, 2011 9:15 p.m. ET

The Manchester United striker came in for late-night abuse from the follower who taunted him: "Rooney ya fat w***e ill smash ya head in with a pitchin wedge an bury ya with a ballast fork ya fat ugly lil n***e." Rooney dared the follower to meet him at United's training ground to carry out his threat, and replied: "I will put u asleep within 10 seconds hope u turn up if u don't gonna tell everyone ur scared u little nit. I'll be waiting." The 25-year-old United frontman then looked to defuse the situation by tweeting: "Haha bit of banter and people go nuts chill all people." The Twitter account belonging to the follower who taunted Rooney has since been deleted.