Tottenham striker Harry Kane's idol is Super Bowl legend Tom Brady

February 10, 2017

When soccer stars are asked who their inspirations are, you'll often hear names like Ronaldinho, Pele and Diego Maradona mentioned.

But not Harry Kane. The Tottenham Hotspur striker goes straight to the NFL and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who just won a record fifth Super Bowl last week.

“Tom Brady is a big inspiration and a big idol of mine,” Kane told the Independent in an interview released Friday. "’The Brady Six’ shows how he was underestimated, when he went late in the draft. But he worked hard and believed in himself and that is what I have tried to take in my career."

Kane is referring to the fact that six quarterbacks were selected in the 2000 college draft before Brady, and none have achieved anywhere near the success of Brady. Given that the European soccer world has nothing like a college draft, it's clear that Kane follows the American version of football pretty well.

After Brady led the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, he'll surely be winning over some new fans, but Kane has been following Brady's career for a long time – and it's Brady's career that has helped him learn to fight back.

“I’ve been there in football sometimes,” Kane said, referring to Brady being down 21-0 at Sunday's Super Bowl before roaring back. “This year against West Ham, we were 2-1 down in the 89th minute, and we won 3-2. It’s that attitude to never give up. And Brady has helped me to instill that into myself.”

Kane has never met his idol, but maybe he'll get a chance soon. Tottenham and the NFL are working on bringing same-day doubleheaders of Premier League and NFL fixtures in 2018. Maybe a Tottenham-Patriots doubleheader will happen – that is, if Brady is still playing by then.