Top 5 EA Sports FIFA glitches of all time

Top 5 EA Sports FIFA glitches of all time

Published Mar. 21, 2016 6:58 p.m. ET

Year in and year out, the release of the ever-popular EA Sports FIFA series brings avid video gamers from all corners of the earth together, and instantly re-announces itself as one of the hottest sports games on the market.

As such, it's also one of the more scariest, funniest ... and kinkiest.

With the 12th annual FIFA Interactive World Cup in full swing in New York City, where 32 of the world's best will vie for a coveted place in Tuesday's Grand Final (5:45pm ET on FS1), there are bound to be plenty of surprises in store.


From unstoppable passing sequences, to, oh yes, full-on make-out sessions, the game is capable of producing the improbable. Among the myriad of strange FIFA occurrences, we plucked five of our top glitches of all time in the spirit of this year's event. Note: Some videos may contain graphic language.

Fancy meeting you here!

"Can you help me find my contact?"

A goalkeeper, or you know... Jabba the Hut's rancor from Star Wars, maybe?

Now THIS is a Fallon d'Floor nominee.

Look, ma. Giant Hands!