Smells like team spirit to Hodgson

Smells like team spirit to Hodgson

Published Jul. 11, 2010 11:38 a.m. ET

Roy Hodgson has stressed the importance of team unity to his Liverpool squad as he hopes to restore the Reds back among England's top four.

The new Liverpool manager, speaking to LFC Weekly, claims he wants to instil the same mentality into his Liverpool side that was present when Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley were at the helm.

He said: "It would be foolish of anyone to dismiss the importance of team spirit. The Liverpool sides of the 70s, and particularly the 80s, achieved greatness because all of the players had similar values to one another both on and off the pitch.

"That has been a strength of the club for so many years and it has been the mantra that has taken the club so far and made it one of the most important football institutions in the world."


The Croydon-born coach highlights the negative influence individualism can have on the squad and team performance.

He added: "Bill Shankly was a socialist and he believed in the combined effort - nothing is achieved by individuals. I'm not comparing myself to Shankly at all because nobody can. But I buy into his view when it comes to managing a successful football team.

"It is vitally important to make sure all of the players are fighting for the same cause. It is my job to find the right combination of players to bring success back to Liverpool. I want Melwood to be a place where the players enjoy coming to work because of the training and the way they are treated."