'Saturday Night Live' hilariously roasts the awful Cristiano Ronaldo sculpture

BY Caitlin Murray • April 10, 2017

If your nightmares are still haunted by the new Cristiano Ronaldo sculpture and its beady little eyes, then we have just the remedy for you.

"Saturday Night Live" devoted an entire segment to roasting the horrifying bust of Ronaldo and it’s hilarious.

In the segment, Kate McKinnon impersonates the woman who accidentally ruined a painting of Jesus in Spain and became a viral sensation. She defends the artist’s portrayal of Ronaldo and, well, it’s pretty convincing. Take a look:


There are some great jokes in there, but the best part comes right at the beginning: The audience roars with laughter when they see the sculpture and no one even made a joke yet. The sculpture is really just that bad.

“This is the perfect image of Ronaldo playing football,” McKinnon says. "See how the artist captures his look right when the ball hit him in the face?”

Hard to argue with that.


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