Rovers owners in stadium vow

BY foxsports • November 24, 2010

Blackburn Rovers' new owners have insisted they will consult fans should the club consider renaming Ewood Park.

Venky's have admitted they are open to striking a deal with sponsors over the naming rights of the club's home ground.

It has been suggested the stadium could adopt an entirely new title, but the owners have stressed 'Ewood Park' would remain.

Anuradha Desai, chairwoman of Indian Poultry giants Venky's, told the Lancashire Telegraph: "The important thing for the supporters to know is that no decision will ever be taken if the fans don't want it to happen and I mean that.

"We are all people with a lot of tradition and we will not do anything to remove the name of Ewood Park.

"I am looking to improve the finances of the club.

"If we get a good sponsorship deal we will not lose the name. I want to be 100 per cent clear that the name will not be lost.

"Maybe a prefix or a suffix, in the same way that the league is known as the Barclays Premier League.

"What we will not do is name the ground after my company.

"That is not what we want to do. A sponsorship would only be if it was in the best financial interests of the club.

"We are very pleased and very proud to be in control of Blackburn Rovers, particularly to be associated with the fans.

"We now hope we can live up to expectations. This is just the beginning."