Roman won't benefit from move

BY foxsports • October 15, 2011

The American also stated the club has not yet started negotiations over any potential sites for a new ground. The Blues last week made an offer to buy back the parts of Stamford Bridge sold to supporters in the 1990s in what has been seen as a precursor to a move to a new 60,000-seater ground. The Stamford Bridge pitch and stands belong to a company called Chelsea Pitch Owners, most of whose shareholders are fans and which was formed in 1993 to prevent the stadium falling into the hands of property developers. "To build a new stadium of 55,000 to 60,000 seats would cost in the region of £450million which with the land, would total maybe £500m to £550m," Buck told Chelsea TV's Friday Night Live programme. "The profit on the redevelopment of Stamford Bridge would be maybe a third of that amount, and money from other sources such as Mr Abramovich and banks would be needed to move to another location. "The profits would be an important component of the funds should we would need them so it would not be possible to do it without taking that redevelopment money. There is no possibility for Mr Abramovich to make any money." He added: "I don't know how much money Mr Abramovich has. "He has invested £800m into this club, and no matter how much he has he must notice he has invested £800m. A figure of £500m for a new stadium is a lot of money no matter who you are, and the decision has been made that we're not going to move to another stadium unless we can take the proceeds of a redevelopment of Stamford Bridge towards it." Buck claimed the views of Chelsea fans would be taken into account when deciding the site of a potential new stadium. "You have to respect the fact that Mr Abramovich is a Chelsea fan and it would not make sense to move the stadium to somewhere that was not to the satisfaction of the bulk of Chelsea fans," he said. Buck also ruled out a suggested location on Atlas Road in London NW10. "I have never heard of Atlas Road until now," he added. "We are not negotiating about any sites at the moment but when people have said to us why are we considering Stratford, why are we considering Wormwood Scrubs, why are we considering a site adjacent to Wormwood Scrubs, the conversation has lasted less than 30 seconds. "We have said they are not appropriate for Chelsea Football Club and an NW10 postcode is not appropriate for Chelsea Football Club." Buck confirmed the club would allow fans opposed to the proposal to hand out leaflets at tomorrow's game at home to Everton. "We take all this discussion seriously," he said. "This is all I have been doing for the last 10 days, talking to fan groups and fans and I am happy to do it. It is an important part of the process. "If there are leaflets handed out tomorrow, okay, I believe in free speech and as long as there is compliance with the safety and security regulations we have at the ground on matchdays then free speech is what life is all about."

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