Referee red cards his linesman after a gross scene on the sidelines

BY Caitlin Murray • May 8, 2017

Ever see a soccer match that made you feel sick to your stomach? (Cue the Arsenal fans nodding in unison.)

Well, we don't know if it was poor stomach-churning soccer or something else, but the linesman at Dundee vs. Kilmarnock did not have a good time during a Scottish premiership match over the weekend. [Warning: Those with sensitive gag reflexes might not want to watch the video below.]

Referee Craig Thomson did what anyone holding a red card would do: He held it up and let linesman Andrew McWilliam know that what he just did wasn't appreciated.

Of course, McWilliam couldn't really be red-carded out of the game and it was a joke, but there's a kernel of truth to it. In fact, this goes to a show that carrying a red card around might be the ultimate passive-aggressive way of registering one's disapproval for things you can't do anything about.

While what happened was pretty gross, it appears the linesman was fine after this and the match played on to a 1-0 win for Dundee. We're glad you're feeling better, McWilliam.


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