Potters critics anger boss Pulis

BY foxsports • March 24, 2010

The Potters boss feels his side have been shown a lack of respect throughout their two seasons in the Premier League, despite their success on the field. He feels many of his fellow managers, including Arsenal chief Arsene Wenger, want to see Stoke fail as they have established a reputation for upsetting the apple cart. Pulis, though, has no plans to change his approach any time soon and insists the Potters will continue to bully the so-called big boys for the foreseeable future. "Everywhere you look there's people who want to shoot us down," Pulis said in the Daily Mirror. "From the moment we lost our first Premier League game against Bolton, we were written off. "But when you prove people wrong, it gets under their skins and they are just waiting for you to slip up so they can say 'told you so'. "It wasn't in the script for us to be competitive. That's why you get people like Arsene Wenger moaning on at you - because we have made it difficult for them and we're not supposed to do that. "As recent refereeing decisions have shown, we are not getting a fair crack of the whip and that can leave you thinking we are on our own. "But there's a feeling in the outside world that we are as united as any club in the country. We mustn't let anyone destroy that. "We can build on what we've done so far for another three or four years to give us something people will talk about for generations."

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