Paul Pogba becomes first EPL player to get official Twitter hashtag emoji

BY Caitlin Murray • January 13, 2017

Paul Pogba, the most expensive player in the world, can pretty much buy himself whatever he wants – well, almost. One thing he can't buy is his own Twitter "hashflag" so the social messaging service decided the help him out.

Anyone who uses the hashtag #pogba will automatically see a little silhouette of the Manchester United man, like so:


Twitter has created "hashflags" for special events, teams and people before, but Pogba becomes first Premier League player with his own emoji on the service.

Fans took to the emoji quickly and it started trending immediately. Others combined existing emojis with hashtags of other players to make some jokes:


The money bag emoji for Carlos Tevez, who recently got a world-record salary in China, is perfect. Pogba's transfer fee of £89 million is still its own record, though.

Pogba's emoji is the only official one that will automatically pop up when a hashtag of his name is used, but we have to imagine hashflags for Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo won’t be far behind. For now, it's all #Pogdemonium.


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