Moyes is no fan of friendlies

Published Nov. 19, 2010 7:15 p.m. ET

Moyes has been pleased to see all of his international players - with the exception of South Africa's Steven Pienaar, who is still abroad - report back for training unscathed this week. Not all clubs have enjoyed such luck, notably Merseyside rivals Liverpool, who have lost influential captain Steven Gerrard for up to four weeks. Several club managers have questioned the value of playing international friendlies this week and Moyes feels it is an issue. The Scot said: "We are happy for players to go and play in the championship games, the World Cup - but I think we find the friendly games a little intimidating. "For a player to play and get injured in a game like that can be difficult. "But we have to live with the fact. "We are always going to want international football. As a supporter you want it, I'm a manager and have always enjoyed watching it." Liverpool will receive compensation for the injury Gerrard sustained on England duty under an insurance policy taken out by the Football Association. That will help cover the player's wages but not all national associations can afford such cover. Moyes added: "I don't think we are going to get rid of it but if clubs get an injured player it would be ideal if there was some way for the money to get paid out. "We pay the wages, so if a player is playing for someone else when he gets injured maybe the countries could cover it - but I don't think there is enough money to do that. "That's where I think we club managers have a problem. "We lost Marouane Fellaini for four weeks from the last international week, when he got injured [playing for Belgium] against Austria. "We were really disappointed about it but it happens all the time." Liverpool had requested Gerrard play for no more than an hour for England against France but he stayed on the field for 84 minutes. Newcastle had also expressed reservations about their striker Andy Carroll playing due to a groin injury but manager Fabio Capello still fielded the striker. Moyes can see the arument from both sides and believes such agreements are impractical. He said: "There is contact, but I wouldn't say there is a lot of communication. The international managers need to do their job. "There will be the odd occasion when you have to phone to ask if they can look after somebody. "For example, Stuart Pearce phoned me regarding Jack Rodwell, asking how he was. "I said I felt if he could play 60-70 minutes that would be ideal, but it would be his decision. "I think Jack came off after about 70 minutes for the England Under-21 team, so that was fine. "But if every manager could ring up and say, 'Just take my player off after an hour', the international manager couldn't make all those changes." Everton have no fresh fitness concerns for Monday's Premier League trip to Sunderland. Pienaar is not due back until Saturday after playing for South Africa in Cape Town but Moyes is not aware of any issues.