Maradona accused of attacking photog

BY foxsports • July 29, 2013

A celebrity magazine photographer has accused Diego Maradona of kicking him in the groin.

''Gente'' magazine photographer Enrique Medina filed a police complaint claiming the 1986 World Cup winner attacked him outside Maradona's father's house on Sunday night.

Medina told The Associated Press on Monday that Maradona ran at him ''like he was taking a free kick'' and kicked him so hard in the groin and upper leg area that he ''doubled over in pain.''

"This wasn't the kick or an ordinary person," Medina said. "This is from someone used to kicking ... He seemed very angry, out of his mind. Like something had happened in his father's house."

In 2011, Maradona kicked a fan's hand after a match because it was intruding on a photo Maradona was trying to take with a banner of support from his grandson while coaching Al Wasl in the United Arab Emirates. Maradona later apologized for the attack.

Maradona added: "As a surprise from my daughters in Argentina and Manchester, they put a sign up for me in the ground that read: 'Grandfather, I'm with you. I love you. Benja.' I'd like to apologize to one of the fans. I was trying to unfurl and see the whole banner and, by mistake, I perhaps injured him.''

Earlier in the month, Maradona was hired for another year in his role as global sports ambassador to raise the sporting profile of Dubai.

The Argentine soccer great was fired as coach of the Dubai club Al Wasl after only one season. He has spent the past year traveling representing the Dubai Sports Council. The council said earlier in the month that it was extending Maradona's deal but did not say how much Maradona will be paid.

Maradona will promote sports in Dubai and oversee soccer academies in the city aimed at raising the quality of game across the United Arab Emirates. Maradona praised UAE soccer but said ''passion'' for the sport is lacking.

Maradona has often complained that that the media follow him too closely. In 1994, he fired an air gun at reporters and was given a two-year suspended sentence. In May, he stopped his car on a highway and threw rocks at cameramen following him home from the airport:

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