Lazio captain Mauri under house arrest

Lazio captain Mauri under house arrest

Published Jun. 4, 2012 1:00 a.m. ET

Lazio captain Stefano Mauri has been released under house arrest after spending a week in prison for his alleged role in Italy's match-fixing scandal.

Mauri was released Monday after being arrested on May 28 along with 13 others.

Guido Salvini, the judge for preliminary investigations in Cremona, says Mauri's testimony is ''scarcely plausible'' and ''appears to be created in hindsight.''

Mauri says he was in possession of a SIM card not belonging to him because he used it to bet on basketball.


Salvini counters that the dates on which the card was used, however, ''coincide perfectly with the days the two most important suspect matches took place'' - Lazio vs. Genoa and Lecce vs. Lazio.

Former Genoa player Omar Milanetto was also released under house arrest.