Harry Kane jokes about NFL kicking career after skying penalty kick vs. Southampton

BY Alex Dowd • December 28, 2016

Watch out, National Football League ... a Hurrikane could be headed your way. OK, not really. But Tottenham's Harry Kane jokingly made himself available to NFL teams in need of kicking help on Wednesday.

Why would he do that? Well, despite a comfortable 4-1 win against Southampton, Kane blazed an absolute balloon of a penalty attempt in the match. With the ball sent high over the crossbar and possibly into the stratosphere, the 23-year-old laughed it off on Twitter.


In his defense, the moon ball was hardly his fault. The turf at Saint Mary's gave way as Kane's plant foot went down, creating a massive divot as he took the kick. The ball actually popped up on top of a mound created from the step, and that's where it all went downhill for Kane's penalty.

"The ground just gave way under me," he said to Sky Sports, via Goal.com. "I saw it before the game. There was a new patch of grass just on the penalty spot."

Player are often seen examining the ground after chunking a penalty, but the Spurs talisman has a legitimate beef here. Oh, well. Spurs still got the win, so no harm done. Unless you're a fantasy sports player.


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