German club slaps mask on man to impersonate absent manager

BY foxsports • June 15, 2016

It's really difficult to be two places at once, unless you happen to be St. Pauli manager Ewald Lienen. Well, almost. When the German second-tier club announced the signing of striker Marvin Ducksch, Lienen wasn't around to for the press conference and subsequent photos.

After some quick thinking from someone at the club, St. Pauli did what any normal club would do in that situation: They printed out a mask and slapped it on some random dude.

How awkward is that for Ducksch, picture in the middle, alongside St. Pauli sporting director Thomas Meggle to his left and the impostor to his right? Ducksch's face kind of tells the story, anyway. He doesn't look too pleased to be forced into this gauche photo op.

And apparently, somehow, St. Pauli thought they'd get away with it. But no, the internet was quick to point out the subterfuge. Then, the club went ahead and owned up to the bungling, tweeting out a picture of the mask by itself.

Who knows? Maybe the Many-Faced God is St. Pauli's secret owner. Perhaps a manager has no name.


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