EPL chief apologizes over 'inappropriate' emails

Published May. 11, 2014 8:18 a.m. EDT

MANCHESTER, England (AP) The head of the Premier League apologized Sunday after private emails were published containing jokes about women, an embarrassing episode for one of the most powerful figures in English football on the final day of the season.

The Sunday Mirror newspaper published exchanges by chief executive Richard Scudamore with colleagues and friends after copies were taken by his former personal assistant.

''They were received from and sent to my private and confidential email address, which a temporary employee who was with the organization for only a matter of weeks, should not have accessed and was under no instruction to do so,'' Scudamore said in a statement.

''Nonetheless I accept the contents are inappropriate and apologize for any offence caused, particularly to this person. It was an error of judgment that I will not make again.''


Scudamore, who has run the Premier League since 1999, was booed by some fans on Sunday at Etihad Stadium where he watched Manchester City presented with the trophy after a 2-0 victory over West Ham.

A member of the English Football Association board which oversees discrimination issues said the organization should discipline Scudamore.

''There must surely be a case to answer, making Scudamore potentially liable to a charge of improper conduct, aggravated by the clearly discriminatory nature of his comments,'' Edward Lord, who sits on the FA Inclusion Advisory Board, said on his personal website.

''It will now be interesting to see what, if any, steps the FA takes to challenge his conduct. Whether a charge is raised or not, some action must be taken to demonstrate that women are welcome in football, on the field of play, as coaches and officials, and in the leadership of clubs, leagues, and the FA.''