Bob Bradley says he knew he was going to be fired, but laments Swansea abandoning plans

BY Caitlin Murray • December 30, 2016

Bob Bradley knew he was about to get fired as Swansea manager.

"As soon as I got the message, I knew what was happening,” he told ESPN in his first comments since he was fired on Tuesday.

But Bradley lamented that Swansea’s higher-ups abandoned the plan they had set out for the January transfer window, adding that they didn’t have the strength to follow through.

"We all understood that it was going to be hard work, and that we were going to need to go step by step, and that was going to include improving the team in January," Bradley said. "I'm disappointed that somehow, when a few games go against you, that all of a sudden all of those discussions and all of the ideas of what it was going to take to turn this around got pushed aside.

"I think people, they reacted to the fans, and didn't have the strength to see it through. That part I'm not happy about.”

The American was fired after just 11 games in charge of Swansea, which included only two wins.

His hiring was controversial from the start. Though he has plenty of head coaching experience around the world, he had never been a coach at a level as high as the Premier League. He was also an American, and Swansea just so happened to hire him after Americans took over a majority stake of the club.

He improved Swansea's attack, but their defense became even more leaky under his tenure. He inherited Swansea in 17th place on the Premier League table and left with them in 19th place, firmly in the relegation zone.


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