Amateur soccer player robbed of 40-yard wonder goal because referees didn't see it

May 10, 2016

An amateur soccer player in England was cheated out of what most likely was the goal of his career because the team of referees failed to spot it.

Like, the ball actually hit the net and everything. And the referees missed it. How does that even happen?

Watch it and weep:

Somebody call the police, because that man just got robbed!


No. 8's looping shot from just inside the halfway line hit the inside of the post and bounced in, yet somehow rebounded right back out of the goal after hitting the net. Admittedly, that does make it a little unclear at first, but the fact everyone else present saw it go in, and reacted accordingly -- including the dejected goalkeeper and the dude right behind the goal --€“ makes this so inexplicable.

But the assistant tried to explain the non-call anyway, and the reasoning was, um, special.

The only thing that makes this story even more ridiculous is that there was a second camera installed to record the game, right to the side of the goal. In a ninth-division amateur soccer game! And wouldn't you know, that second angle is yet another argument for the introduction of instant replay:

H/t Deadspin