Zac Jackson on the Dan Patrick Show

Published May. 31, 2011 5:10 p.m. ET

On Tuesday morning, FOX Sports Ohio's Zac Jackson was a guest on The Dan Patrick Show to discuss the Jim Tressel resignation.  Video of Zac's appearance is to the right, and part of the interview is below.

Dan Patrick: Do you think that Buckeye fans feel Ohio State is being targeted by the media?     
Zac Jackson: “Yes, I think that most Buckeye fans do feel that way. I don’t feel it’s a witch-hunt. I feel like Tressel had some things presented to them. I will say that I buy the argument that integrity in college football in general has maybe gone away. I think he had the chance to do the right thing.”
DP:  Has Terrelle Pryor played his last game at Ohio State?  
ZJ: “I would lean yes just because I think part of this forced resignation was to kind of distance themselves from Jim Tressel. I think that the smart play would be to go ahead and distance yourself from Terrelle Pryor.”