Wolves didn't lose many (any?) key players

Wolves didn't lose many (any?) key players

Published Sep. 15, 2012 5:00 a.m. ET

MINNEAPOLIS — Brandon Roy in a Minnesota Timberwolves jersey is becoming normal, at least to Anthony Tolliver. No longer does he wonder where the Portland red and black has gone or flinch at Roy in the blue, black and white. Tolliver has been working out with Roy for several weeks now, and though the look seemed strange at first, it's grown on the free-agent forward.

At this point, Tolliver just shrugs it off. Beyond the shock, beyond the "hey, this doesn't fit" feeling, this is normal. Players change teams every year, Tolliver said, stating the obvious, so why get all worked up about this latest uniform switch?

Timberwolves fans will have time to ease into their new players, from Roy to Chase Budinger to Andrei Kirilenko. By the time the first week of the season ends, they'll seem like they've been Timberwolves forever. The strangeness, though, will come when the opponents arrive, with so many former Timberwolves putting on - or still working out deals to put on -- different uniforms around the league. With the start of training camp a little more than two weeks away, click here or above for a look at where last year's departed players have landed.