Which SEC Team Should You Root For?

Which SEC Team Should You Root For?

Published Aug. 14, 2014 1:00 a.m. ET

Today the SEC Network officially launches. We've written a ton about the SEC Network over the past several years at Outkick the Coverage. So much so that now that the distribution battles are won and the money is set, it's really just a matter of sitting back and watching the loot pile up. How much money will the SEC Network make off its 75 million subscribers? A ton. Check out our article here.

But what about those of you who will have the SEC Network and haven't really developed a rooting interest in the conference? You want to pick a team because you want to be involved in the SEC insanity, but you're not sure which one fits your personality yet. Well, you're in luck. Outkick has developed an easy to use 14 question test to appropriately assign you to a particular team.

All you have to do is answer yes or no to a question and eventually you'll end up with the perfect team.