Watch woman make death-defying dive into world's deepest cruise ship pool

February 11, 2017

Cruise ships are forever topping each other with bigger and better onboard features.

Royal Caribbean is going high and deep with its Harmony of the Seas, which not only is reported to be the world's largest cruise ship, but also has the world's deepest cruise ship pool, so daredevils like Cesilie Carlton can make insane dives from 55 feet above sea level like this:

The video was taken by fellow Harmony of the Seas employee and gymnast Sydney Brown. And judging from her Instagram account, acrobatic feats appear to be all part of the job for these two. Though this vantage point way up on the platform (which is about five stories high) makes Carlton's dive look extra impressive. That pool looks mighty small down there.

Extra cruise points for doing it while the ship was in motion.