WATCH: Conor McGregor - sort of - gets metaphysical

October 29, 2015

UFC featherweight contender Conor McGregor is at his most interesting when he's fighting. Beyond that, he's still fascinating to listen to when he's discussing fight philosophy and science.

The man clearly has a passion for the martial arts, and that passion, along with his unique way of seeing things on the mat, has led to his success. Before he ever took camera crews along for boring shopping sprees, or spent interviews using tired insults to describe opponents, McGregor had a penchant for opening his sharp mind up and discussing the arts.

It is precisely that compelling part of McGregor that the bright boys at Chaps Eye lovingly seized on and spoofed in a recent, hilarious video (Watch it above -- Warning: there's some NSFW language). In the segment, above, a Conor impersonator gets metaphysical with impressive attention to detail (see the mannerisms and spot on temporary - we hope - tattoos).

"I am on top because I am obsessed with movement," he begins, believably.


"Even bowel movements are an essential part of my training."

Aaaaand, there we go.

The faux-McGregor waxes philosophical on a host of topics relating to his own singularity. This includes weight-cutting,

"There's no one who takes weigh-ins more seriously than I do. It's not just about weight. I'm weighing-in on debates, arguments, discussions," he explains, before interjecting himself into an ongoing financial discussion.

"No. no, no. The point you're missing is, without considerable debt-relief, the Greek economy can never sustain growth," Conor-lite insisted, before taking off his shades and hitting his trademark scale pose.

In the world of this parody, McGregor is so unique and peerless that instead of fighting champion Jose Aldo in December at UFC 194, he's actually set to fight himself, somehow. "I am the only fighter who comes close to my level," he announced.

"That is why, next month, I'm facing myself in the Octagon. And mark my words, yeah? I will come out victorious."