Vinnie Verno Week One Picks

Vinnie Verno Week One Picks

Published Sep. 1, 2011 1:00 a.m. ET

The man, the myth, the legend Vinnie Verno will be giving y'all five locks of the week every week during college football season. Already Danny Sheridan is jealous as hell. In fact, let's not kid ourselves, there's an 80% chance that Vinnie Verno is Sheridan's source when it comes to Cam's bag man.

College football is officially here.

Go ahead and start drinking from that flask hidden in the back of your lower desk drawer. Don't lie to me, I know it's there. You won't need to work anyway after the millions you're set to make courtesy of Vinnie Verno.

Here's his first week picks. With HD Video!


We're also going to be debuting an odds page here at the site just in time for football season. We should have the most rapidly updated odds of any site on the net. Which is helpful if you're anything like me and always waiting for the next week's odds to drop in football. I'll have a link to it here shortly.

In the meantime, we're partnering with the Prediction Machine, who, unlike Vinnie Verno, are actually the most accurate sports prognosticators in the universe. Don't believe me? They went 11-0 against the spread in last year's NFL playoffs.

I wouldn't endorse them if I didn't trust them. They'll make you money.

Check them out here, we're going to have some great content from them for football season.