This 'documentary trailer' for Jerry Maguire's Rod Tidwell is strangely riveting

BY Brett Smiley • December 30, 2016

The Tom Cruise-led sports agent movie "Jerry Maguire" hit theaters just over 20 years ago, and in celebration of the anniversary, the NFL has released "documentaries" for a pair of characters: wide receiver Rod Tidwell and quarterback Frank Cushman.

Cuba Gooding Jr. won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 1997 for his role as Tidwell, a wideout for the Cardinals and Maguire's (Cruise) client. The Tidwell trailer, styled like "A Football Life" documentaries airing on NFL Network, doesn't tell us a ton about his life after Maguire negotiated that game-changing $11.2 million contract, but this is definitely a treat for Maguire fans. The full 10 minute documentary for Tidwell will drop next week along with a roughly 6-minute video for "Cush."

Here's the Tidwell trailer with a dose of villainous agent Bob Sugar (Jay Mohr) and a grown-up Ray (Jonathan Lipnicki):

And with the Maguire anniversary upon us, some NFL players are getting in the spirit of Rod Tidwell, too — like the Detroit Lions' Golden Tate, who wants you to show him the money:

Bonus and obligatory "Maguire":

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