'The Crossover with Blake Griffin': Training with handball star Timbo Gonzalez

BY foxsports • October 12, 2015

In an effort to continually improve his strength, speed and conditioning, Clippers' All-Star forward Blake Griffin is cross-training with athletes from the world of handball, track and field and MMA.

In a new three-part Red Bull series, "The Crossover with Blake Griffin", Griffin first teams with handball star Timbo Gonzalez to enhance hand-eye coordination and agility.

Gonzalez, a 23-year-old native of Brooklyn, made headlines when he won back-to-back titles at King of the Courts, a marquee handball tournament.

"I want a long and healthy career," Griffin said. "I want to be quicker, stronger, and I want to be a leader. I know that if I am going to take myself to where I want to go as an athlete and a person, I have to look at all my training options. The usual practice just isn't enough -- I want more of an edge over my opponents. Cross training is so important because I can improve myself and have a lower impact on my body."

Griffin will be featured next with three-time Olympic medalist Carmelita Jeter.

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