Texas Motor Speedway unveils bacon and beer milkshake

Published Oct. 16, 2013 10:39 a.m. ET

The same racetrack that's provides its fans bacon flavored cotton candy, bacon martinis and a brisket and doughnut sandwich is now trying to convince people that beer, bacon and a milkshake make for a good treat.

Texas Motor Speedway will be selling the Shake 'n Bacon beer milkshake for the November Sprint Cup race weekend.

The main ingredients in the shake are Rahr Ugly Pug beer, Blue Bell vanilla ice cream and of course bacon.

The $10 drink is made with six ounces of the Fort Worth beer, six ounces of vanilla ice cream and two ounces of bacon infused maple syrup. Mix it together and top it with bacon crumbles and whipped cream and you have the newest snack for race fans 21 and older.

"About a year ago I told our chef Joel Pena that he needed to come up with some unique, clever items," TMS president Eddie Gossage said. "The only direction I gave him was telling him that bacon is meat candy. He's very clever and everybody has loved these things so why not?"

And for those under 21 who feel like they're being cheated not getting to try the strange brew, there's a non-alcoholic version being sold which substitutes root beer for beer.