Te'o teaches fellow rookie Fluker how to swim

BY foxsports • July 29, 2013

How do you get in a big lineman's good graces? Manti Te'o knows how. The rookie linebacker recently helped fellow rook D.J. Fluker -- the Chargers' first-round draft pick -- to get over his fear of water and finally learn how to swim.

READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? • See the best action from training campAre you ready for fantasy football season?Take a look at NFL’s FOXiest fans “I was terrified of water,” Fluker told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “He was like, ‘Man, relax. I got you.’” According the the article, Te'o started off slow with his new teammate. He got Fluker to practice getting his head under the water, progressing through kicking and paddling and finally swimming. What's more interesting is what the UT says about Te'o impact with the Chargers: Te’o has been a quiet workman. His approach to training, on and off the practice field, has earned him respect in the Chargers’ locker room. While deferring the vocal role to such veterans as inside linebacker Donald Butler, he’ll talk to teammates with the goal of bringing people together. You know, what? This Te'o kid might just make it in this league. We here at Laces Out are rooting for him. Kudos. Questions? Comments? Send them to lacesoutmail@gmail.com and we might respond in our weekly mailbag!

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