Tebow's hometown fans crank up voices

December 20, 2012

According to reports out of the Big Apple, former Gators quarterback and Heisman winner Tim Tebow’s days in a Jets uniform are numbered.
That should surprise no one considering the way Tebow’s stint in New York has gone. He barely played, creating the question of why the Jets traded for him in the first place.
The question now is where Tebow will end up next.Whatever the plan, it fizzled. Tebow served as good back-page fodder for the New York tabloids and ESPN’s “First Take” show, but otherwise, his time in New York seems a waste.
You’ve heard how if it was up to many of his fans – at least those in Tebow’s hometown of Jacksonville – Tebow would end up with the Jaguars.
Jacksonville is struggling to win games and fill seats. When the Jets came to town earlier this month and Tebow stood on the sideline for 60 minutes, the announced attendance at EverBank Field was a season-high 67,027.
Tebow remains a draw despite taking his last meaningful snap in a playoff loss to New England last season when he was with Denver.
There will be approximately 1.2 million columns and blogs written over the next few days about where Tebow should end up, or what he should do next, or if Jets coach Rex Ryan knew Tebow was a quarterback.
When I logged onto my GatorZone.com Facebook page earlier, I noticed someone had already posted a Tebow link.
The Sign Tim Tebow Facebook page remains an infant, but there is no mistaking which team the page’s creator wants Tebow to play for next.
It will be interesting to see if anyone in Jacksonville that matters – Jaguars owner Shahid Khan tops that list – will pay any attention to the latest Tebow-to-Jacksonville chatter. Chatter coming from fans and a portion of the media.
While Tebow’s teams have changed continuously the past three years, one thing has remained constant: his presence in the mainstream and social media blogosphere.