Taiwanese Animators Dive In on Manti Te'o Story

Taiwanese Animators Dive In on Manti Te'o Story

Published Jan. 17, 2013 12:00 a.m. ET

OKTC's Manti Te'o story has now passed the buttchugger story as the most read story in OKTC history. Here's our top ten. 

Te'o passing the butt chugger makes perfect sense.

Both stories were ridiculous beyond belief. Last night I was asked on Twitter whether I'd rather be the buttchugger or Te'o.

I'm honestly not sure.


Minus the press conference, I think the buttchugging is actually less humiliating. Because you can just claim you were a dumb, drunk college kid if you buttchug. There's no easy way to explain how you had a fake online relationship for multiple years and not look like a complete idiot.

It's just impossible.

Anyway, the Taiwanese animation experts who first debuted with the Tiger Woods video, have given Manti Te'o the same treatment.

And, spoiler alert, they've managed to work buttchugging leprechauns into the mix.

In scandal news, TMZ continues to try to uncover more details about the hoax. It's worth reading because, if possible, it makes the story even weirder.

But, seriously, buttchugging leprechauns?

Thanks to the Taiwanese animators for combining the two most read stories in OKTC history.