Spurs Coyote gets ready for season in an odd way

BY foxsports • September 19, 2013

What does Wile E. Coyote and the Spurs Coyote have in common?

Well a lot apparently if you look follow San Antonio's mascot on Twitter.

In a photo posted Thursday afternoon, the Spurs mascot is shown pictured with the Portland Trail Blazers mascot Blaze the Trail Cat--along with a tied-up cheerleader--next to some railroad tracks, all part of a video shoot.

We will have to wait for the video to know exactly what transpired, but at least this coyote is looking to be playing the part of hero (assumed the cape means 'good guy') instead of villain/misunderstood victim like his Looney Tunes cousin.

Either way, posts like this mean just one thing--the NBA season is nearly here.