Seven-foot, 250-pound Mozgov runs break culminating with one-hand slam

BY Connor Kiesel • February 5, 2015

He's not quite Air Jordan but Cleveland Cavaliers center Timofey Mozgov has some ups.

He showed it early on in the first quarter of the Cavs matchup with the Los Angeles Clippers. After LeBron James lost possession of the ball just past midcourt, Mozgov swept in and took charge.

Mozgov, the 7-footer whom the Cavs who acquired from the Denver Nuggets for a couple first-round picks (as well as a second-rounder), has proven a key addition thus far.

LeBron and Kyrie already have their own shoes -- if Mozgov keeps this up, we'd like to see the "Air Mozzy" hit store shelves sooner than later.


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